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Thank you for visiting and shopping at FLAWLESS HALO. Following are the terms and conditions that constitute our full Shipping, Tracking, and Fulfillment Policy. Upon finalizing your purchase, you have implicitly consented to abide by the Shipping, Tracking, and Fulfillment policy.


 1.  Order Processing

 2.  Business Days and U.S Holidays

 3.  Estimated Fulfillment Durations*

 4.  Calculating your Shipping Window 

 5.  Order Tracking, Status, and Updates 

 6.  Shipping Methods and Costs 

 7.  Order Pick-Up 

 8.  Shipping Delivery 

 9.  Shipping Delays 

 10.  Lost/Stolen Packages 

 11.  Wrong Address Disclaimer 

 12.  International Shipping 

 13.  Duties, Fees, and Taxes 


Order Processing is the initial stage of the order fulfillment process, encompassing activities such as payment verification, essential for managing and fulfilling orders efficiently.




Please note that all of our business operations, customer service, and order fulfillment are conducted on business days only. This means that any estimated shipping timeframes, delivery schedules, or processing durations provided on our website or during the checkout process should be understood in terms of business days. It is important to consider this when calculating the expected arrival of your order or contacting our customer support team for assistance.


The following are U.S. Observed Holidays that are not considered business days for our shipping and tracking operations. These holidays are excluded when calculating shipping timeframes and processing durations:




Fulfillment durations represent the timeframe during which we complete, process, pack, and physically ship your order. It is important to note that the fulfillment duration does not indicate the delivery date (see section 6-7). Kindly be aware that the shipping method you choose during checkout and its associated transit time are separate from the estimated fulfillment durations. 

Provided below are the estimated shipping windows for each order type during which you can anticipate your order to be shipped/picked up, along with receiving the confirmation email regarding your shipment/pick-up. You can locate each products order type under each product's details (under the add-to-cart button), labeled as "Type" or, via the details below. 




Shipping windows are available within your Order Confirmation email. as of July 2023

To calculate your shipping window manually, begin by identifying the fulfillment duration specified for your order type (see section 3). Starting from the next business day after your purchase date, exclude weekends and U.S. holidays, and continue counting business days (M-F) until you reach the specified range that corresponds to your shipping window. By considering only the business days, you can accurately determine the timeframe within which your order is expected to be shipped.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to determine your shipping window based on business days:

    1. Identify the first business day: Start by identifying the first business day after you place your order. This is typically the next business day following your order placement.
    2. Determine the duration of your fulfillment window: Check the Estimated Shipping Durations (section 3) to find the specified duration of your shipping window. 
    3. Exclude weekends: Exclude Saturdays and Sundays from your count, as they are typically not considered business days.
    4. Exclude holidays: Take note of any holidays that fall within your shipping window and exclude them from your count. (section 2)
    5. Determine your shipping window: Based on the calculated number of business days, determine the start and end dates of your shipping window. This will provide you with an estimate of when your order is expected to be shipped.

By following these steps, you can determine your shipping window based on business days, helping you to plan and anticipate the arrival of your order.



The 'Order Confirmation' and 'Shipping Confirmation' emails are the main channels of communication for updates on your order's status and progress. We do not provide individual updates on your order during the fulfillment process. Instead, you can calculate the number of business days that have elapsed and consult the Shipping and Fulfillment Process Diagram to determine the current stage of the fulfillment process.

 Order Confirmation Email: 

Upon placing your order, you will receive an automated Order Confirmation Email sent to the email address provided during checkout. This email is generated immediately and contains essential details such as your unique order number, comprehensive order information, estimated shipping window, and any additional pertinent information related to your order.


 Shipping Confirmation Email: 

Shipping confirmation emails will be promptly sent to you once your order has officially been shipped within the above estimated shipping window durations. This email will include relevant tracking information to help you monitor the progress of your package during transit. Please note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for the tracking information to become active and updated on the shipping carrier's website.


 Tracking your Package:  

To conveniently track your package, simply click on the direct link provided in your shipping confirmation email, or input the full tracking number also available to you in your shipping confirmation email. This link will direct you to UPS's website, where you can access real-time updates on the movements and location of your package.



Kindly be aware that the shipping method you choose during checkout and its associated transit time are separate from the estimated fulfillment durations. (section 3). For example, you have a Ready-to-Ship order with an estimated fulfillment duration of 3-5 business days. If you opt for UPS Ground as your shipping method, with a transit time of 2 business days (varies by location), you can anticipate your order to be delivered in a total of 5-7 business days.


 UPS Ground  is the main method in which we ship all packages, which generally results in deliveries within 2-5 business days, varying based on the destination and other external factors. Please note that these estimated delivery times may be impacted during peak seasons at the postal office, such as holiday season and election season.

 UPS Next Day Air  is an alternate shipping method available by request for an additional $25, however, it's important to note that this upgrade does not impact processing times or shipping windows. Instead, it only affects the speed of delivery once your order has been shipped within the designated shipping windows mentioned above.

 Local Pick-Up  is a convenient delivery option available exclusively to customers who are local to our area. Instead of having your order shipped, you have the option to pick it up yourself at our designated pick-up location, located in Morrow, GA. This is particularly beneficial for customers who prefer to collect their purchases in person or want to avoid shipping fees.



The delivery dates of your package are exclusively determined by the operations of the shipping carrier, UPS. Generally, the estimated timeframe for package delivery after the shipment of orders is typically between 2-5 business days. UPS will provide the estimated delivery date within your tracking link which will be available to you in your Shipping Confirmation email. Once your package leaves our possession, UPS assumes full responsibility for ensuring its prompt and secure delivery. While we strive to provide accurate shipping window estimates, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates as they are subject to the carrier's processes and any unforeseen circumstances they may encounter. Factors such as weather conditions, high shipping volumes, and any unforeseen events within the carrier's network may affect the actual delivery date.

We would like to emphasize that at this stage, we have no control over the whereabouts or speed of your package. We recommend utilizing the tracking information provided to monitor the status of your package and obtain real-time updates from UPS. Should you have any concerns or inquiries regarding the delivery process, we highly recommend reaching out to UPS directly, as they have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding its whereabouts and status. Their customer support team will be able to assist you with any specific questions or issues related to the delivery of your package.



For customers located near Atlanta, GA, we offer the convenient option of choosing "Local Pick-Up" as your delivery method during checkout instead of shipping. It's essential to understand that selecting this option does not impact or expedite the processing times or shipping windows. The same terms and durations mentioned in the Estimated Shipping Duration (section 3) still apply. For example, if your estimated shipping duration is stated as 7-14 business days, you can expect to receive your Pick-Up ready email within the same timeframe.

Your pick-up ready email, which will be sent to you during the specified shipping window, will contain all the necessary details for your pick-up, including the precise address, designated pick-up times, and pick-up instructions. Please note that pick-ups are only available during our regular business hours.



We understand the importance of receiving your packages in a timely manner and strive to provide efficient shipping services. However, it is essential to acknowledge that certain factors, both within and beyond our control, can occasionally lead to shipping delays.  In the event of a delay, we will make every effort to proactively communicate with you as early as possible. Please familiarize yourself with the following information regarding potential delays:

  • Order Volume: During periods of high order volume, such as holidays, sales events, or product launches, the increased number of orders can impact the processing and fulfillment timelines. While we prioritize order fulfillment, the sheer volume of orders may result in slight delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these busy periods.
  • UPS Unforeseen Circumstances: Despite our best efforts, there may be instances when unforeseen circumstances arise within UPS's operations. These can include disruptions in their transportation network, technical glitches, or other operational challenges. While such situations are beyond our control, we will work closely with UPS to resolve any resulting delays promptly.
  • Weather and Natural Events: Adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or other related events can affect transportation networks and lead to unavoidable shipping delays. Severe storms, hurricanes, snowstorms, or floods can impact UPS's ability to operate efficiently and may cause delays in delivering your packages.
  • Customs and Import Processes (International Orders): For international shipments, customs clearance and import processes play a significant role. The duration of customs inspections, document verification, and compliance checks can vary and occasionally cause delays in the delivery of your package.

While we strive to minimize any potential shipping delays, we kindly ask for your Thank you for visiting and shopping at FLAWLESS HALO. Following are the terms and conditions that constitute our full Shipping, Tracking, and Fulfillment Policy. Upon finalizing your purchase, you have implicitly consented to abide by the Shipping, Tracking, and Fulfillment policy.



While we strive to provide reliable and secure shipping services through UPS, it's important to acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances can occasionally result in lost or stolen packages. Please familiarize yourself with the following information regarding lost or stolen packages:

  • Responsibility for Lost/Stolen Packages: Once your package is in the possession of UPS, the responsibility for its safe and timely delivery rests with them. In the rare event that a package is lost or stolen during transit, it is important to understand that this is beyond our control as the sender.
  • Assistance in Case of Lost/Stolen Packages: If you encounter any issues or concerns regarding a lost or stolen package, we recommend reaching out directly to UPS for immediate assistance. They have the necessary resources and expertise to investigate and resolve such incidents.
  • Tracking and Insurance: To mitigate the risk of lost or stolen packages, we encourage you to utilize the tracking information provided in your shipping confirmation email. Tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your package and ensure its safe delivery. Additionally, consider opting for shipping insurance, if available, to provide added protection and coverage for your shipment.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by lost or stolen packages, and we assure you that we will do our best to support you throughout the resolution process. Please remember that UPS is responsible for investigating and resolving such incidents, and they have the expertise to handle these situations efficiently.



To ensure that your package is delivered to the correct address, we kindly request that you carefully review and double-check the shipping address provided during the checkout process. Unfortunately, once an order is placed, we are unable to modify the delivery address to avoid potential delivery disputes and to maintain delivery verification.

In the event that you need to change your delivery address, we recommend using the UPS My Choice portal, which provides a convenient solution for managing and updating your delivery preferences. Once you receive your shipping confirmation email containing your tracking number, you can click on the provided UPS Tracking link to create an account on the UPS My Choice portal. From there, you will be able to make the necessary changes to your delivery address.



We are pleased to offer international shipping to our customers worldwide.

We ship to a wide range of countries, allowing customers from different parts of the world to enjoy our products. During the checkout process, you will be able to select your country from the available options. If your country is not listed, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

The available internationally shipping options, along with estimated delivery times and associated costs will be displayed during the checkout process. The estimated delivery times for international orders may vary depending on the destination country and the selected shipping method. Please note that these are estimated timeframes and actual delivery times may be affected by customs clearance procedures and other unforeseen circumstances.

Once your international order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing a tracking number. This tracking number allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment. Please note that tracking information may not be available for all countries or shipping methods.



It is important to be aware of potential duties, fees, and taxes that may apply to your international shipment. Here's some essential information regarding these charges:

  • Customer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of and comply with any applicable customs regulations, duties, fees, and taxes associated with the import of goods. These charges are not included in the product price or shipping cost displayed at the time of purchase.
  • Payment of Duties and Taxes: Upon delivery of your package, the customs authorities in your country may require payment of duties, fees, or taxes before releasing the package for final delivery. It is important to note that failure to comply with these requirements may result in delays or the package being returned to us.
  • Customs Declarations: To ensure smooth customs clearance, we will provide all necessary documentation, including commercial invoices and customs declarations, as required by the destination country. Please ensure that the information provided during the checkout process is accurate and complete to facilitate the customs clearance process.
  • Country-Specific Regulations: Customs regulations and import policies vary from country to country. We recommend checking with the customs authorities or relevant government agencies in your country to understand the specific duties, fees, and taxes that may be applicable to your order.

It is crucial to consider these potential charges when placing an order for international delivery. By proceeding with your purchase, you acknowledge and accept the responsibility for any applicable duties, fees, and taxes associated with the import of your goods.



Thank you for taking the time to understand our Shipping, Tracking, and Fulfillment Policy. We appreciate your effort in familiarizing yourself with our processes and guidelines. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. We value your support and look forward to serving you.