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Flawless Halo

Vietnamese Straight HD Frontals

Vietnamese Straight HD Frontals

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FLAWLESS HALO presents to you our the most undetectable lace frontals on the market!

Step into the realm of pure luxury with our enchanting Vietnamese Straight HD Preplucked, Prebleached Frontal – a masterpiece designed to elevate your confidence to new heights and unveil your inner radiance.

Imagine yourself enveloped in a cascade of sleek, silky strands, each meticulously preplucked and prebleached to perfection, framing your face with a flawless halo of opulence. With our HD frontal, your natural beauty is transformed into a work of art, exuding an aura of effortless sophistication and grace.

Each frontal provides lace coverage ear to ear. 

We ensure all our hair last 12-72 months with proper care.

Your hair will be shipped out or available pick up within 2-3 business days. 


Shipping & Processing Times

Shipping: All orders are shipped 1-3 day priority, time of shipping depends on your location.

Pick Up: If customer opts for Local Pick Up, Flawless Halo will contact customer within 2-4 business days for pickup details.

Processing Time (Non- "Ready To Wear" Orders )

Please allow 1-4 business days to recieve tracking info for your order.

Processing Time ("Ready To Wear" Orders)

All hair extensions/wigs that have been opt-in for  "ready to wear" and/or further customization services will need 5-7 business days for processing before tracking information is sent out.

Flawless Halo cannot promise faster speeds than provided above due to the nature of our products. We can agree to moving swiftly to get you your products within a timely manor. As in most cases we do.

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