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Flawless Halo

Frontal + Bundle Deals (HD Lace)

Frontal + Bundle Deals (HD Lace)

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FLAWLESS HALO presents to you our luscious hair extensions and the most undetectable lace frontals on the market, perfectly bundled together for your next install or wig construction!

Our single donor virgin hair extensions are double wefted and sealed to ensure no shedding and tangling for a long lasting, FLAWLESS, and low maintenance experience every time.* 

Every bundle is 100 grams to provide a full and glamorous look no matter the selected length.

Each frontal provides lace coverage ear to ear. Every hair strand on our frontals are hand tied using single knots in a pre-plucked formation on very thin HD lace to give your HALO a FLAWLESS hairline and melt every time. *

Choose from any of our beautiful hair textures. Whether its our silky straight that flows effortlessly as you strut, or our bouncy Body Wave that holds curls for days so you can slay without trying too hard, or even one of our wavy or curly textures that make for the perfect wet-and-wavy look!  Each texture is a must-have in your HALO collection for sure!

|*We ensure 6-36 months depending on maintenance of product.

|*The larger the numbers the bigger the lace 13x6 is larger than 13x4


Shipping & Processing Times

Shipping: All orders are shipped 1-3 day priority, time of shipping depends on your location.

Pick Up: If customer opts for Local Pick Up, Flawless Halo will contact customer within 2-4 business days for pickup details.

Processing Time (Non- "Ready To Wear" Orders )

Please allow 1-4 business days to recieve tracking info for your order.

Processing Time ("Ready To Wear" Orders)

All hair extensions/wigs that have been opt-in for  "ready to wear" and/or further customization services will need 5-7 business days for processing before tracking information is sent out.

Flawless Halo cannot promise faster speeds than provided above due to the nature of our products. We can agree to moving swiftly to get you your products within a timely manor. As in most cases we do.

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