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Flawless Halo

Glueless Invisible HD 13X4 Frontal Wigs (UNCUSTOMIZED)

Glueless Invisible HD 13X4 Frontal Wigs (UNCUSTOMIZED)

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Product Features


  • Natural Color
  • Pre-plucked Hairline for minimal customization
  • 4 combs
  • Latch Adjustable Straps
  • 200%+ density (unit constructed on mesh cap, using 3 bundles and a HD preplucked, prebleached frontal in corresponding lengths

Shipping & Processing Times

Shipping: All orders are shipped 1-3 day priority, time of shipping depends on your location.

Pick Up: If customer opts for Local Pick Up, Flawless Halo will contact customer within 2-4 business days for pickup details.

Processing Time (Non- "Ready To Wear" Orders )

Please allow 1-4 business days to recieve tracking info for your order.

Processing Time ("Ready To Wear" Orders)

All hair extensions/wigs that have been opt-in for  "ready to wear" and/or further customization services will need 5-7 business days for processing before tracking information is sent out.

Flawless Halo cannot promise faster speeds than provided above due to the nature of our products. We can agree to moving swiftly to get you your products within a timely manor. As in most cases we do.


Choose from any of our beautiful hair textures. Whether its our silky straight that flows effortlessly as you strut, or our bouncy Body Wave that holds curls for days so you can slay without trying too hard, or even one of our wavy or curly textures that make for the perfect wet-and-wavy look!  Each texture is a must-have in your HALO collection for sure! 


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    Save Time, Embrace Convenience:

    We understand the value of your time. That's why our wigs come pre-bleached and pre-plucked, eliminating the need for time-consuming customization. Simply choose your desired style, and you're ready to shine. Say goodbye to endless hours spent on tedious preparations and hello to effortless beauty.

    • Undetectable Lace, Mesmerizing Realism:

      Prepare to be amazed by our undetectable lace wigs. Crafted with precision, the lace seamlessly blends with your scalp, creating an unbelievably natural-looking hairline that remains invisible to the naked eye. Let your flawless halo shine through, leaving others in awe of your beauty.

    • Customized to Reflect Your Unique Style:

      Your individuality is precious, and we celebrate it. Flawless Halo offers customization options, allowing you to select the length, color, and texture that perfectly complement your personality. Embrace a wig that reflects your true essence and accentuates your beauty with every step you take.